Sunday, 9 December 2018

LAUAN502 - Inspiring Animations

Insipring Animations and Animators

I just came across this beautiful animation on You Tube by Puuung.
The style - colour scheme and character design is so appealing, thought I need to share it. In a way it reminds me of my Beano Brief response in 2D plasticine from last year.

Sunday, 11 November 2018


Collect, Organise, Research - Evidence

Me at LAW, Photo by : T. Wragg

Over Summer I planned to try out Strata-cut Animation. That is when I learnt of Leeds Animation Workshop. We stayed in contact and I met their previous interns who produced a short film 'Own Skin' at LAW's studio. In the end I was pleased to be offered unpaid in-studio experience.

I was impressed by the message behind the films made by LAW especially 'Alice in the Wasteland', the environmental message is close to my own interests. However, my favourite film remains to be 'Crops and Robbers' with its playful and relatable-to-audience setting (through the game Monopoly) within very serious context.

In September, I helped out with the exhibition and promoting of events for 40th anniversary of the Workshop. It was enjoyable to attend the screenings and see wide range of films that LAW chose for this occasion and I finally watched Black Dog (1987) by Alison de Vere in full. 

In October, after tidying up exhibits from the previous event and learning more about the studio, I was shown how to manage some simple admin work. This one I could apply in my everyday life to keep on top of my spendings and savings.

After discussion with Terry Wragg I was able to clearly identify what I would like to gain from my time at LAW. Since they have experience using cells and pannable rostrum, I would like to learn more within this area. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

LAUAN502 - Who Am I Now?

So after long Summer here is my response to the first study task. You will learn a bit about where I am standing at the moment and what my plans may be for the near future.

Caving and my dog Cherry are my biggest inspiration at the moment. By me 01/10/2018. 

So far on the Animation programme I have learnt the following:

  • This course is not what I expected in the way of approach towards traditional animation and also use of timetabled time.  
  • But it is okay because I also learnt that setting up an amateur animation station is super easy. Even if it is just a phone propped against a drawer to use as a rostrum and shooing everyone out of room to keep it still and in one place. So I am hoping to do more of little self projects at home this year.
  • I now value the experience of theoretical research into topics of my interest in Context of Practice module even though I was sceptical about it at first. 
  • Organisation is the key and I could feel the ease when my blogging and study tasks were up to date at some point last year, therefore I am completing this task today.  
  • I may not get on well with computers when it comes to Animation (yet) but cintiq is my friend especially when I needed to rotoscope for my BSL in Animation CoP final piece or the RSPB Brief response.

I want to know more about:
  • Strata-cut
  • Scriptwriting
  • Framing & panning
  • Functional puppet-making
  • Cell Animation

My 5 strengths are: 
  • Problem-solving
  • Multitasking
  • Straight-ahead animation
  • Puppet making
  • 2D plasticine stop motion (Plasti-cut??)

I want to improve:
  • Group-work
  • Communication with collabs, networking, eg. for sound production and reference footage.
  • Using the University workshops, last year I felt extremely uncomfortable using the workshops. There are several reasons and I am being highly sceptical if I can improve at the moment but I will try, so fingers crossed. 
  • Keeping up to date with sources of contemporary animation.
  • Working on small projects such as Loop-de-Loop and 11 Second Club to gain experience. (Only submitted one Loop-de-Loop so far when the theme was 'DOG' <3 ). 

The following practitioners are of my interest regarding Animation:
  • Maxim Sviridov - Max Sviridov's Plasticine Studio - plasticine aesthetics
  • Aardman Animations - stop-motion working puppets
  • Leeds Animation Workshop -local workshop, strong animated topics
  • David Daniels - strata-cut
  • Hayao Myiazaki - story telling and aesthetics
  • John Finn - BSL in Animation

The following websites reflect my areas of interest:

Thursday, 24 May 2018

LAUAN402 - Showreel and Evaluative Presentation

It Is That End of the Year

The end of academic year is approaching and the next task was to put together a 30second showreel, a video gathering the best of the work done so far this year. I thought it would be an easy peasy task, but it turned out to be a lot of cutting, rearranging and editing to not only select the highlights of this year, but to make it flow and nice to watch. Going through the outcomes felt weird and I could not decide whether I am happy with it or not. I do wish I did more, especially outside of the timetabled modules.

Continuing onto the evaluative presentation. I was hoping it would be easier than the Dissemination. Mainly because this presentation is about ourselves, therefore it seemed easier to remember what I wanted to say. My planning mainly consisted of gradual build up of the presentation in Google Slides. Therefore, I would not say I have an enormous amount of development to show on this one. However, I used the guide on the eStudio, trying to answer the questions over and over, in my head, journal, on Google Docs and Slides.

I was happy that a group of my peers was up for practising presentations together. Despite that, on the big day I felt very nervous and I was aware that my eye contact is something I need to work on. I did feel like my presentation had some kind of flow and I remember what I wanted to say. But I need to team up with Powerpoint and discover the secrets of adding videos and links that do play :D. To conclude, it was scary but a very valuable experience, I am looking forward to keep improving on this one. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

LAUAN402 - Who's who? What do they do and who do they work for?

Inspiring Practitioners

I carry no guilt feelings for being inspired by great people, but below are the reasons why I look up to them. 

Dorota Kobiela
Kobiela is a Polish producer, screenwriter, filmmaker and painter.
Co-director of her most recent Loving Vincent (2017), fully painted animated feature film. Kobiela herself painted several frames. In the past Kobiela wrote and directed Chopin's Drawings (2011), Little Postman (2011), The Flying Machine (2011).

I am in fascinated by her courage with Loving Vincent, especially after learning closer detail of the rocky road Kobiela shared at her presentation at the Manchester Animation Festival.
I am also interested in the pre-roduction steps she took to make this film happen, especially rotoscoping.

Hayao Miyazaki
Miyazaki is a Japanese co-funder of Studio Ghibli. His works include feature films Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. Miyazaki worked for several different studios including Toei Animation and Telecom Animation Film/TMS. In 2013 he announced retirement yet 3 years later started working on another feature film How Do You Live?

What inspires me about Miyazaki is his approach to the quality in animation. His opinions towards shortcuts in animation and general views including the themes he chooses for his films. The way he does not let computer animation and new technology to win over the hand drawn techniques.

David Daniels
Daniels is an American and a co-founder of Bent Image Lab. He is a commercial director and filmmaker and used the technique Stratacut in Peter Gabriel's music video for Big Time.

Daniels is well known for Stratacut - Wikipedia states he invented this technique. Although, there is no doubt there were attepts made before using wax and such.

Stratacut is a technique I did not hear about until one of the sessions on the course in this academic year. I still remember it, it that caught my attention. In the near future I hope to do more research and experiment with this technique.

Barry Purves
Purves is an English animator, he made short films and the puppets n display at the Science and Media Museum in Bradford. He is also a director and screenwriter and theatre designer/director.

The most inspiring would be the passion Purves shares for traditional stop-motion technique and the touch a puppet animator leaves on his work.

Maxim Sviridov 
Russian animator and director Sviridov has got his own studio Max Sviridov's Plasticine Studio and created the Kuzmich animated series. I struggled to find excessive amount of information about this artist.

The reason I chose him as an inspiration is his set design and overal claymation aesthetics, quite unique to any claymation I have seen before. Have a look. :)

John Finn
I came across Finn's work during my CoP research. In particular his guide to animate which he taught entirely in British Sign Language. Finn studied filmmaking in London and he did his Masters degree in computer animation, focusing on motion capture technology. Finn directed The Long Knife which is entirely in BSL and recieved award at the Deaffest.

LAUAN402 - Competitions

Relevant Competitions

Loop de Loop

Great opportunity to create animation at fast pace and regularly. The animation has to loop so good opportunity for me to practise Pose-to-pose which I successfully avoided for most of the year. 

The submissions to this festival are free and it includes categories such as Student and Documentary. The submission is in July and there is potential it will be on again next year.

Punto y Raya
Punto y Raya Festival 2018 Eligibility Criteria
Again, free submission, max.8 minutes long and the entry film has to be completely abstract. I am thinking if I were to try Stratacut, this could be a good chance to do it.

Zoo Animal Short
Submission in June 2018. Open to artists from around the world the contest consists of animating to an existing sound track. The characters have to be zoo animals.

Golden Morph
Amazing Morph Homepage
Cheerful, cute competition with the main character the Morph, they have been running for couple of years so fingers crossed they will continue into the next year.

The 11 Second Club
11 Second Club Logo
Monthly competitions with opportunity to post work in progress on a forum for feedback during the making process. Works are to be animated to a given sound clip, therefore good practice to work towards given briefs in a fast paced timeline.

Friday, 20 April 2018

LAUAN402 - Informative and Public Services

Public Service/Information Animation


Imaginary Friend Society 'Losing Your Hair' (2017)
Produced by:


Ludove vozidla do kazdej rodiny (2015)
Produced by: MullenLowe GGK Slovakia
Note: Car advert that focuses on language and gramma and the use of correct words rather than terms coming from foreign languages. It depicts Ludovit Stur, 'the author of Slovak language standard' (Wikipedia 20/03/2018).


CGI Animated Short - Kids Safety (2011)
Produced by:
Source Animation Studio

Dominican Republic

Why Is It So Hard to Live in the Present? (2016)
Tomas Pichardo Espaillat for The School of Life


Are Intelligent People More Lonely? (2017)
Luca Bowles for The School of Life

South Africa

Countries Sign Language (2014)
Braam Jordaan

Collaboration of Turkish/French and Italian

Ă–ffentliche Verkehrsmttel? Ja Danke! - Encouraging use of public transport
Animated Zeug

America (USA California)

Save the Bees (2015)
Beautiful watercolour cut-out with effects.
Marta Topolska


Legislemos-Cartoon Animation (2015)
Rafael Arace

America (USA Georgia)

Normal Vaginal Childbirth (2007)
Nucleus Medical Media

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

LAUAN402 - Disseminate


Here is a link to my dissemination on animation technique called rotoscoping. So far I have tested rotoscoping for one of the tasks for Studio Practice and I am testing it for my CoP project as well,  using Cintiq. It is one of my favourite techniques and considering I prefer traditional animation, I am looking forward to rotoscope in a traditional medium.

Link for my dissemination is available here:

Sunday, 4 March 2018

LAUAN402 - Documentary

Animation as Documentary

This task took me way longer than I expected, also way past the study task deadline, although I predicted it after the previous two tasks. Which were highly mentaly draining experiences to me, yet I am glad I went through this research as it really helped me to establish my perspective about Animation.

I find it challenging to find an animation that is focused on certain genre, uses in some way inspiring story and technique and is from around the world. It is clear to me that I overthink these tasks, again.  The hardest part for me is to find and confirm the details, although that was way harder with the advertisement animations. Either way, here are the ones that caught my eye. 

France (?) - Pixilation
A Christmas Gift from Paris (2016)

America - Hand Drawn
The Sinking of Lusitania (1918) - Winsor McCay

Czech - Hand Drawn I only found this short extract, yet it caught my interest. 
Drawn from Memory (1995)
Japan Born Czech Animator Paul Fierlinger

US - Walt Disney, Mixed Media
Victory Through Air Power (1943)
      - John and Faith Hubley, Paper cut outs + mixed media
Of Starts and Men (1964)  

Canada - Tradigital?
Le Clitoris (2016) - Lori MalĂ©part-Traversy
Flawed (2010) - Andrea Dorfman

Israel - Stop Motion mainly
Nyosha (2012) - Liran Kapel & Yael Dekel

UK - Stop Motion
Mend and Make Do (2014) - Bexie Bush

Sweden - Rotoscoping
German Shepherd (2014) - Nils Bergendal

Denmark - CGI
The Lego Story (2012) - Lani Pixels & Kim Pagel

UK - Australia - CG 2D/3D
Nowhere Line: Voices From Manus Island (2015) - Lukas Schrank

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

LAUAN402 - Advertising

Animation as Advertising

Slovakia: CGI 
Poland: Live-action + animation 2D hand drawn

Hungary: Claymation

France: Projected Animation

paper cutout

  Even though I got a video for each of these techniques already, 
  I found these two inspiring:

CG - Mini Cooper

Hand drawn
8:40-9:12 - Uniroyal Steel Cat advert animation - Greatly expresses 
the elegancy and power of the animal.


Stop Motion - Claymation

Water drops, Frame by frame, Aid of motion capture

South Africa: Pixilation Flip Book

New Zealand: Multimedia

Japan: Hand drawn anime & split animation

India: Tradigital